This is a Fully Solar Powered Electric VW Bus

Granted it only works if you’re traveling in sunny destinations but there is something undeniably awesome about never having to go to a gas station. Brett Belan and his wife Kira built this fully electric solar powered VW bus and converted it into a camper. So cool.

Apparent Energy was a company formed to push the development of the electric vehicle. We all can see the potential electric vehicles have to be green and available for us all to utilize. But are they?
At Apparent Energy we believe that for the EV to become really a solution to the pollution, a number of problems must be faced.

Every bit of solar energy must hit the battery bank on a solar electric vehicle to make it viable. Few other places require such size and weight efficiency.
If we are to get the rated 305 watts of each solar panel we must use the a controller in the 90% plus range of efficiency.

The solar panels must be arranged for maximum power in a parallel configuration. Right now the panels are wired in series and any shading of any panel takes the power down to almost zero. If the panels were wired in parallel each panel would feed the battery bank independently -regardless of the shaded panel.