Kaman K-MAX Drone Helicopter in Action

The K-Max UAS (Unmanned Air Systems) is helicopter with intermeshing rotors (synchropter) drone of the US Marine Corp developed by Kaman and Lockheed-Martin , capable of carrying 2.7 tons of equipment (more than its own weight) and fly to more than 4000 meters (15500 feet).

This device, which was the subject of a contract of $ 45.8 million , with a flight autonomy of 400 km , an action radius of 556 km depending the load carried, is very economical: the cost of a flight hour is 1 100 dollars (900 euros). Its use avoids the use of truck convoys, vulnerable to ambushes in battle zones.

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It is tested successfully since 17 December 2011 . Two K-Max UAS of the USMC and have conducted more than 230 attractions and delivered, two forward bases in the south, close to 500 tonnes of freight .